Flying Feet Agility is the premier facility in Indiana for Dog Agility.

Flying Feet Agility provides each and every dog and handler the opportunity to improve themselves and their communication. At Flying Feet Agility we use a blend of training methods - clicker training (operant conditioning), lure reward, and traditional training to achieve the best results for happy, willing and obedient canine partners.

Flying Feet Agility provides structured training programs for the beginning dog/handler team to the more advanced teams aspiring to compete at AKC trials.

If you are unfamiliar with Dog Agility it is a sport in which a handler directs their dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy. The dogs perform such obstacles as jumps, tunnels, A-frame, teeter totter, and weave poles.

You and your dog may have modest goals of simply working better together in areas of dog obedience or you might have more ambitious goals of reaching obedience or agility competition level. In either case Flying Feet Dog Obedience and Agility is the premier Southern Indiana location for all levels of dog obedience training and agility performance training.

 Register today and help your dog become the well behaved pet you've always wanted or a superstar in the show ring!


Beginning Training

March 3rd - Beginner Obedience Class - SOLD OUT

April 8th - Beginner Obedience Class

April 28th - Beginner Obedience Class

Advanced Training

March 2nd Advanced & Competition classes

March 3rd - Handling with Weaves